Aloha and Welcome
to Ahonui Pathways

Ahonui Pathways offers new creative experiences
that inspire adventure, retreats, healing and ceremony.
Each pathway can be combined or done separately as we work together to create a personalized journey.

Wanda B. Ahonui
Wanda B. Ahonui
Founder of Ahonui Pathways / lead facilitator, guide, & healer
To learn how Ahonui Pathways may assist you on your current journey, please click here to request an initial complimentary phone consultation.  After your consultation, when you are ready to move forward, you will receive an online package to begin your customized journey.

Ahonui Retreats

Ahonui Retreats specializes in offering three types of retreat packages to Hawaii and beyond.  Our Customized Journey Retreats comprise of off-the-beaten path adventures, as well as unique healing experiences on the island of Kauai. Our Pre-Packaged Retreats include Experiential Retreats within the stunning isles of the Pacific coast of Hawaii, to Spiritual Healing Journeys in Joshua Tree National Park and afar, to Wild Dolphin Swims in the Atlantic Ocean.  Our Pili Aloha (Bonded-by-Love) Honeymoon Packages, offered on the island of Kauai, combine privately guided adventures to secluded romantic areas, and encourage exploration and peaceful relaxation.

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Ahonui Healing

Ahonui Healing offers individuals the opportunity to connect and work with Wanda one-on-one.  Wanda offers a diverse selection of healings ranging from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, to Distant Energetic Healing.   Additional healing sessions may be requested with one of our renowned gifted healers and may be included in any of the Ahonui Retreat packages.

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Ahonui Adventures

Ahonui Adventures are half-day or full-day retreats specifically designed for an individual or group’s needs and is perfect for anyone looking to have fun and reconnect with nature and self.  Adventures range from hiking, to ocean activities and more.

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Ahonui Tribal

Ahonui Tribal Clay Ceremony encourages inner connection and greater bonding with self and others.  Ceremonies are done individually or in groups of two or more.  We offer Women’s-only, Couple’s and Group Ceremony, Family Drum & Dance and Children’s Tribal events.  Our first, Men’s-only event is scheduled for 2016.  Enjoy the freedom and remembrance of play and express your true self while connecting with mother earth..  Nothing can truly describe a Tribal ceremony; one simply has to experience it.

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